The Sacrificial Love – March 2013

Under the Syrian war planes launching their missiles, the sound of huge explosions within 3 miles range and the sound of an Imam praying in a nearby Mosque, we sat with Farid*, his wife and mother talking about the sacrificial love, how and where to find.

Farid shared with us when we entered his modest house at the Lebanese-Syrian boarders, after 2 hours of driving, “I learned to love others from you! You served me and my family in the last two years! You drove hours to check on us! In the time of need and troubles we found you! You are an example of love for us!”

He went on to express that as he is reading the Bible, he experience great relief, as if he is living in an another world, a world that is different from the one that he experienced for the last 30 years or more.

Farid*, is a well-educated man in his faith, he is one of the leaders among the majorities within his community. Lately he started to send us messages expressing his respect to Christ, and a new understanding that he developed about Jesus. Jesus is the redeemer and savior!

And as we went into a joyful discussion about the sacrificial love of our Heavenly Father through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, we forgot all the troubling circumstances around us.

Farid*, his wife and mother we were agreeing with every Biblical truth, they were saying we are examining every word and thought and we are accepting them with our minds and hearts!

Last week Farid* send us a message saying: “When someone get to know Jesus as Lord, he has to get baptized and proclaim openly that he is a follower of Christ. Lord I ask you to forgive me as I am a sinner!”

Please pray for Farid* and his family, as they are seeking to know more about The Lord, learn His word and be obedient in their daily life. And pray for our team to have heavenly wisdom and a serving heart in that process.

We agreed at the end to meet again next week and to study the word of God.

* Name changed

Shadi Saad
Founder & Ministry Director

One Comment  to  The Sacrificial Love – March 2013

  1. sara mclaurin says:

    I am encouraged to hear how open the hearts are to God’s word, and encouraged to hear about your ministry among the Lebanese and Syrians. Thank you.